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Mona Lisa Monday … Well it’s a Tuesday 

Cheers to the new year everyone!!!!

So part of my goals that I wanted to work on this year was this here blog. I thought I would continue “Mona Lisa Monday” but well it’s Tuesday and here we are.

Here is what I started to write…

I hate to rub it in everyone’s face as they dred going back to work/school but… I’m off to Mexico!!!

As I write, I am waiting to board a plane- which by the way there are sooo many zones. And how DO you get an upgraded seat anyway? Hook a sister up please!!

But I digress…

I am excited to go to Mexico for one of my best friends wedding. I just expect it to be colorful and bright, filled with love, cheer and Tequila. (Geez corny much)

 Stay tuned…

See those pretty flowers below? Those are multiple headbands that I made for my friends to wear at the wedding. There isn’t going to be bridesmaids because that’s a long story but we are the secret bridal party/ we are the unofficial bridesmaids. I’ll post more pictures soon of how they looked on heads and I might even include a tutorial on how to make them. 😊

Mexico Day 2 update:

So after finally having some resting time I was able to continue with this post. So far Mexico is awesome!! Mostly I think it’s because of the company that I’m with. But the weather is great a little chilly but lots of sun. Today I checked out the pyramids of Teotihuacan. Two words:              “Truly Majestic”